We all really enjoy working with some of the fabulous young guitar ensembles we have met over the years and NYGE¬†are such a talented bunch that it is easy to forget how young some of them are. Playing in ensembles like this gives such a great musical experience that other instruments can often more readily access in orchestras, for example. This is exactly what I’d have loved to be a part of at their age; it just didn’t exist before.

Other ensembles such as the Corinium Players from Cirencester and the North Devon Guitar Ensemble (with whom we are performing in October 2014 Рgo check our tour dates for more details) are some of the gigs that we enjoy the most.

Helen Sanderson

It’s always a great inspiration to work with young energised and talented Guitarists and the members of NYGE represent the best of the next generation of players who will be responsible for taking the guitar forward. Our invitation to perform two concerts with NYGE this year was an irresistible chance to share in the continuing trend for classical guitar in ensemble and this group of players demonstrated mature musicianship and professionalism that comes from working together in a committed ensemble. As always, it was great to work with Gerald Garcia and have a chance to perform his Concerto for four guitars and guitar orchestra. As some members leave and follow their own paths, bringing to an end their time in the group, I will watch and listen with interest to see the new face of NYGE evolve. Chris Stell

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